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A Counselled Life

A Counselled Life offers generalist therapy with a focus on person-centred therapy, solution-focused therapy, play and art therapy and narrative therapy techniques. 


Michelle (counsellor) is particularly interested in stress and anxiety, loss and grief, death and dying, second half of life, and issues related to women, children and young people.

Michelle has a Diploma of Counselling from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and is a registered member of the Australian Counsellors Association. She also has a Bachelor of Education (Primary and Secondary), a Bachelor of Arts (Literature), a Master of Arts (Professional Writing) and is trained in Steiner education.

On any given day, I begin each morning by writing in my journal, capturing my dreams, making observations of my inner feeling life and noting shifts in my emotional landscape. It is a reflective activity that ensures I am grounded and connected to self.


Before each session, I sit in quiet contemplation, creating space which I then hold for those who come to consult with me. I attend my clients with care and compassion. It is this courtesy and respect, this open and safe space that you can expect in your sessions.


I will support you through the process so you can best figure out what it is that you need and what direction you want to take. I work collaboratively, and together we will explore, enquire and be curious about your life and circumstance in order to identify ways that might help you find peace, understanding and more empowered paths forward.

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors - Advanced Study Major - Grief and Loss C
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