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Mindful Body Awareness

How do you know what you are feeling?

We all have emotional responses to life, but we also have bodily responses. The giddy tummy butterflies of excitement, the kicked in the gut feeling of deep grief, the sweaty palms of nervousness.

Becoming more aware of our body’s responses can help us become more aware of our feelings. This can be particularly helpful in helping you manage things such as stress and anxiety.

If you can become aware of what happens in your body when you are anxious, for example, you can begin to notice these ‘signs’ as soon as they appear and then implement strategies to help you avoid a fully blown anxiety attack.

In this way, our body becomes our best friend in helping us deal with stress and anxiety.

Are you aware of how your body feels?

Start small.

Every morning, before getting out of bed, check your emotions and see how you are feeling.

Take note of how you feel physically.

Over time, see if there are correlations between the emotional and the physical.

As you progress, become mindful of how the body feels when you are stressed, angry, anxious, etc. Make a note: sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, rapid or shallow breathing, etc.

Once you become aware of your physical responses to big emotions, you can start intervening before things start to feel out of control.

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