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Track your emotions

Keeping track of how you are feeling can help you identify any patterns, triggers or cycles in your emotional environment.

Use a notebook, a file on your computer, a note in your phone (whatever works for you), to jot down your feelings each day.

You might start by doing this in the mornings only (perhaps when you first wake up or over breakfast), but it can be useful to track your feelings throughout your day, week, month or year to help you become more aware of how you feel and the ebbs and flow of your emotional tides.

You might find, for example, that some of your feelings are seasonal (joy or sadness around particular events or times of the year), or situational (stress before weekly work meetings), or energetic (flat in that mid-afternoon energy low, high or low mood during a full moon).

Understanding the patterns and cycles of your feelings can be the first step in being gentle with yourself and thinking about what might help you better prepare for and cope with your emotional weather.

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